Frequently Asked Questions

What is AliceHome?

AliceHome is a great new amenity designed to give you more time for the life you want. Think of it like a personal assistant for your home. Your dedicated Home Manager can support you both in and outside the home with one-off to-dos (like watering the plants) or add-on services (like dry cleaning, clothing alterations, and so much more). Services are completed past the front door and are checked for quality by the Home Manager. So your dry cleaning is hanging on your hangers in the closet, and house cleaning is checked to ensure it meets our cleaning standards. You can stay connected from wherever you are via our AliceHome app.

How does AliceHome help residents?

• We help give residents more time for the life they want
• We support resident’s at move-in to ensure a great experience and any necessary services like
movers, organization, TV mounting, etc.
• We provide high quality vetted local services, which are checked for quality by the Home
• Our Home Managers can provide ongoing weekly in-home support and/or help with one-off

How does AliceHome help the on-site team?

• AliceHome is a high end amenity that helps attract and retain residents
• Differentiates your property and helps you stand out from competitors
• Additional value and support for higher end residents
• Increases resident happiness
• Reduces burden on the on-site team

How does AliceHome work?

Residents signup for AliceHome and are paired with a dedicated Home Manager. Their Home Manager can help support them in and outside the home with one-off tasks as needed, or on a weekly basis with Home Visits and in-home support. Their Home Manager is a complimentary part of living in the building, and any add-on services a resident would like to use (like dry cleaning, house cleaning, pet services, etc) are charged to the resident directly.

Where in the resident lifecycle can AliceHome help?

At Move-In: AliceHome can reach out to residents to help make the move-in process as easily as possible. Does the resident need professional movers, unpacking and organization support, TV or art mounting. We can even be there for the cable installer so they don’t have to take time off work.

One-off Requests

Once a resident signs up for AliceHome, we can support them with one-off requests like being there for a furniture delivery. Maybe the resident forgot to water a plant or mail back a package before leaving for a trip. They can message their Home Manager and have it taken care of while they’re away.

Weekly in-home support

Residents can choose to have their Home Manager make weekly visits to deliver packages, pickup items for service (like dry cleaning), and perform what we call a “Home Refresh”.inside your apartment and outside the building to get what you need done. We partner with the concierges, and are an extension to make sure things like packages, deliveries, or items being held are placed inside your apartment.

How is AliceHome different than the concierge at my building?

Think of AliceHome as a personal assistant for your home. Our Home Managers work both in and outside your apartment and the building to get what you need done. We partner with the concierges to help ensure items like packages, deliveries, or items being held are received by your Home Manager and placed inside your apartment where they belong.

What steps are you taking in response to COVID-19?

AliceHome is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our customers, employees, and  partners. We are constantly monitoring the latest guidelines and standards put forward by the  CDC and requiring our teams to follow the most up-to-date preventative recommendations. We  are taking the following actions:  

Our team:

• Receives training on preventative measures, proper sanitization, and the latest CDC  recommendations and guidelines.

• Avoids contact with people who have been sick or those who may have been exposed to  someone who was sick.

• Attests that they do not have COVID symptoms and have not had contact with anyone sick  or COVID positive.

• Will follow state and local guidelines for masks, vaccinations, and will wear PPE while in unit upon request.

We ask our residents to please alert your Home Manager if you have been exposed to or have tested positive for COVID as we can not perform home visits during your quarantine period. We are happy to pick up any supplies needed for you during this time and deliver them to your residence.

What services do you provide?

In addition to the services listed on the AliceHome app (like house cleaning, pet services, flowers for the home, knife sharpening, ski tuning, and more), a resident can ask their Home Manager for what they’re looking for and we will do our best to complete the request.

What is a home visit and when does it happen?

A home visit is the main opportunity for your AliceHome manager to pick up items from your home, complete requests, coordinate services, and/or complete a Home Refresh. 

AliceHome managers will visit your home twice a week on your regularly scheduled service days between 9 AM and 5 PM. We do our best to keep a consistent time range (morning, afternoon, etc) and always let you know when we’re arriving and leaving.

What is a Home Refresh?

A Home Refresh is light cleaning similar to a turn-down service in a hotel. Your home manager will:

• Change your sheets and make your bed

• Change your bath and hand towels

• Take out the trash and recycling

• Wipe down kitchen surfaces

• Load or empty the dishwasher

A Home Refresh is designed to do just that -  make your home feel refreshed. If you want a full house cleaning (things like vacuuming, a more in depth cleaning etc.), your home manager can schedule one-time or recurring cleanings for you or you can schedule it via the AliceHome app.

Do I need to be home when my home manager visits?

Not at all. Your home manager is your trusted assistant to take care of things on your behalf so you’re free to focus on your priorities. They will pick up a key from your building management, complete your requests, lock your door, and return the key to the building. They will only be able to access your residence for as long as they need to complete your requests.

Who is my home manager?

At AliceHome, your trust, security, and health are of the utmost importance. Our home managers are thoroughly screened, background checked, and are not part of our team unless we would be comfortable allowing them into our own homes. All of our home managers are employees of AliceHome, not contractors. The same Home Manager will perform your visits each week, becoming increasingly able to anticipate your needs and adhere to your preferences as they get to know you.

What are your prices?

We charge exactly what our service partners charge for their services, and DO NOT mark up prices.

How are you different from the concierge in my building?

Think of AliceHome as a personal assistant for your home. Our home managers work both inside your apartment and outside the building to get what you need done. We partner with the concierges, and are an extension to make sure things like packages, deliveries, or items being held are placed inside your apartment where they belong.

How does billing work?

All transactions are billed through the payment method you select upon setup. Subscription services will be charged at the beginning of the month and additional goods and services purchased (like dry cleaning, house cleaning, groceries, etc) will be charged at the end of each week following your last home visit.

How do I pay for additional goods and services?

If we purchase something on your behalf (like dish soap) or you use an add-on service (like dry cleaning), we will charge the to your payment method on file at the end of the week.

What if something breaks or happens in my home?

We take great care to operate with the utmost respect inside your home. Should there be an accident, AliceHome is insured for over $1 million against incidents and accidental damage.

How do you work with my building?

We have partnered with your building to offer AliceHome as a service for residents. We value the opportunity to serve and be members of the community. You will likely see us in the building, at resident events, or helping out where we can.

How do you ensure my privacy?

We believe privacy and safety are paramount and go to great lengths to ensure we deliver both. Our home managers are extensively screened, vetted, background checked, and are not part of our team unless they meet our high standards and we would feel comfortable having them in our home. We don’t sell your information or data (we would want anyone to sell ours either) and keep your information secure.