give residents the amenity they truly want

AliceHome partners with high-end apartment buildings to give their residents the lifestyle they truly want: incredible hospitality, maximum convenience, and more free time. From an unrivaled move-in experience, weekly in-home support, to high quality and unique available services, AliceHome delivers resident happiness like never before.

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John Doe
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Meet alicehome

where technology meets personal service

Imagine attracting and retaining incredible residents, enhancing your building's reputation, and improving on-site operations. All while delighting residents. That's the magic of AliceHome.

Alice Home
what we do


Stand out from the competition

attract & retain great residents

enhance building reputation

reduce on-site team burden

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"AliceHome is a secret weapon I use during tours with penthouse clients. I love having this in my back pocket as a closing piece!"

CHRISTIAN C. - leasing specialist
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example services

available to residents

Laundry/Dry cleaning


house cleaning

packages & Shipping

pet care



and more

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how it works

one. two. three. done.

  1. Meet your personal Home Manager who understands your needs and preferences.

  2. Select the services you'd like and the times that are convenient.

  3. AliceHome takes care of your apartment while you enjoy seamless management from wherever you are.

OUR residents are vocal


Renee m.

at Webflow

“AliceHome has been a phenomenal service for me and my family. They have made our lives so much easier, and now we have more time to enjoy! The attention to detail and responsiveness are both five star! I would live in a building with AliceHome service forever!”

stephanie b.

Designer at Traxx

"Lived in the building for over 3 years. During the last couple months of our stay, they partnered with a fantastic concierge service called AliceHome. I wish I could get this service elsewhere - they helped with so many day-to-day tasks and with our move-out. The AliceHome team is the best!"

george w.

Product Designer

“The AliceHome service has proven to be invaluable from move in to help above and beyond when I needed assistance….. I would recommend to all Building Managers that they consider having AliceHome Service available for the clients. It is a step above the competition.”

Tammy t.


"AliceHome is an invaluable and very unique service our building provides for us. We appreciate all the help with packages and groceries and even putting them away? Wow! They were instrumental the day we moved in, coordinated elevators and even directed my movers. We love this service!"

daphne j.


“The amenities from AliceHome have been amazing— I was skeptical at first but with a busy schedule the help with dry cleaning and plants and tidying up and donations all made a really big difference.”

Olive b.

Product Manager

"I have been using Alice Home for several months and am extremely satisfied. I use them weekly to change my bed linens and splurge to have my sheets ironed. They are extremely trustworthy, and we permit them to come and go twice weekly when they need access. They are very professional. A slice of heaven."

our awesome clients

chloe w.

CEO at Webflow

I didn't know I needed this but now I can't live without it.

Brandon r.

Menager at Complexx

The headache of finding quality services is gone. The convenience Alice brings is amazing.

Aaron c.

Architect at Group

Traveling for work became so much easier knowing I was coming home to clean sheets and a full fridge.

jenny k.

SEO at Balfin

Great services. Now my weekends are just for fun.

why our RESIDENTS love us



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